I love Adele. I stumbled upon her ’19’ album during a trip to HMV a couple of years ago. I had no idea who she was at that point of time but when I unsuspectingly picked up that earphone and heard her voice I was hooked and running to the cashier with that.

And now she’s back with her long awaited second album, ’21’, and below is the performance of her new song during the Brit Awards 2011.

So of course I had to get my grubby hands on her album immediately after hearing that beautiful performance!

Absolutely amazing woman.


A friend posted this on facebook and it was awesome. At first I thought it was done in 3D with watercolour textures but apparently it was done with watercolour rotoscope. Crazy awesome these Koreans.

Beg to be Fab is victorious in the FYP concepts battle. My heart has been in I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar! but my professor has pointed out several problems with that which I cannot help but agree with. Therefore Woman is dropped in the dumpster…but still I am relieved that finally, finally I have a FYP concept approved and I don’t have to go and kill myself. (tsk suicidal mentality. Not a good trait to have at all.)

And I’ve learnt that I cannot come up with concepts using a “I wanna save the world!” mentality. I think that was where the main problem was and why many of my concepts were too theoretical to work. So the lesson learnt is, I cannot save the world with an animation short film. Nope. Cannot do it. Humans cannot survive in space.

So the next thing to do are illustrations of main scenes in the short. Key points of the story. Also, to continue on with artistic research, copy works of good artists and try and develop something of my own from there. Also, try and be positive and don’t let the negativity in my brain get me. Essentially that will help me stay alive too.

I also did some study of Al Hirchfeld’s illustrations. I did copies of the two below:

Al Hirchfeld’s:

Copyright Al Hirchfeld

And my copy:

Al Hirchfeld’s again:

Copyright Al Hirchfeld

And my copy again:

And then I tried to do some stuff in Al Hirchfeld’s style, but seriously not half as good as his:

The last one was supposed to be about the scene where the nude lady digs out her womb. But seriously problems in anatomy etc…no good…Ok looking back at this drawing I am slightly glad that I didn’t end up doing the Woman concept. Well, maybe 30 years later. I will do it 30 years later then.

Goodbye badly drawn nude lady.

Every week 4 of every semester is cursed. It’ll be a totally horrible horrible week where I’ll feel lost and like shit but somehow I live through it, so hopefully I do so too this time round.

Regarding the last post which has now been hidden as my own private post, I’m sorry if I have offended some people, both with my lack of tact and bad drawings, but essentially what i wanted to express was that there are also good manga/anime works out there (no I am not saying my drawings are good or anything) and we should pick the good works and embrace them rather than marginalizing all of that resources just for a certain stereotype that is projected on it. So that’s that, I don’t want to have an online argument about it, but I stand by my point of view.


And then, FYP development.

It has been…not good for me. Essentially I think the main problem lies in the fact that I am a little lost as to what I want to do. Not that I don’t have things to say, but there are so many things that I want to say that I do not know which to pick.

For example, I ponder about the way the world is moving today. Everything boils down to economics, capitalism, consumerism and money which are all deeply flawed man-made concepts. All that has resulted from it is a bigger and bigger rich-poor divide. Inequality. Sometimes I wonder what the world would be if we had  not inherited these ideas. If we were still hunter gatherers swinging about in the trees of SEA. I ponder too about gender inequality, body image, the ideals of aesthetics as applied on a human body. Again, human constructs that stem from nowhere. It is not unbiased like nature, and unlike nature it has no logic. But many people fall into the trap. Also I ponder about Singapore as a nation-state who embraces all those foreign and step on those local. It is not merely the government, but much so also people. I’ve seen people who’ve put down books in disgust just because their identity is a “local production”. I’ve heard countless people say that they don’t watch local tv at all because it sucks just so they sound so cool and bourgeois. (I agree to a certain extent that some shows are not up to standard but again, it is a matter of picking out the good stuff. Also it boils down to the intentions of the person.) I also ponder about life and death, about how as an animator i produce all these drawings and work to invent a world that does not exist but when I look up, death is staring me in my eyes and my own existence and the existence of people I know is in peril every single day.

Sorry for the awfully long paragraph, but yes, that is alot alot alot to say. Plus the fact that I am not good at expressing myself in a face-to-face situation with people I do not know well adds to the bad communication. There is always this moment of regret 20 minutes after the conversation when I think, “shit I should have stated that point more clearly and explained this other thing a little more.”

And thus, the story ideas. I have them listed down below and I would really appreciate if some of you could tell me which are your favorite ideas and which are the least, and also why. It would go a long way to help me out 🙂


What it is about: The protagonist, a youth, is chased by the metamorphosis of the images of her grandmother’s aging. She tries to escape, but at the moment of her grandmother’s death, she comes to term with life and death and learns to face her greatest fear at ease.

Concept behind the idea: As long as we’re living, we hold a strong fear and regard for aging and death. Especially when one lives with someone who is old and dwindling towards death, this first hand experience deeply affects the individual. However we still need to face and learn to accept this unforgiving fact.

Fatty Girl Dreaming

What it is about: A fat, grumpy girl encounters a fat, old, grotesque spinster who eagerly expresses her dream of being a dancer. The grotesque spinster dances her hearts out, despite displaying grotesque looking parts of her body and being a social nuisance. However, the fat grumpy girl who was first ashamed at the grotesque spinster soon sees the beauty of the purity of the spinster’s dream and she too joins the dance.

Concept behind the idea: The epitome of the “lowest life-form” of society: the fat, grotesque old spinster who retains the dreams of a youngster and with no regard to societal views. Her intentions and mind are pure, but packaged within what the society views as a dirty crust; she is treated with disdain and disrespect. The fat grumpy girl who at first possesses a mind heavy with societal demands is cleansed by her encounter with the pure, fat, grotesque spinter.

The Big Fat Train

One liner: Propaganda animation documentary discussing the hazards and solution for housing fat people on trains.

Story: Narrator begins with a description of the video and shows fat girl on an empty train. He describes her as a nuisance and danger to others on the train and raises examples, such as squeezing people to death, farting toxic gases, sweating so much that it floods etc. As he describes, the scenarios appear. As he continues on, the scenarios get more and more absurd. The fat girl reacts to these scenarios and is also deeply shocked and scared. Finally, the narrator offers a solution, and the fat girl is shown encapsulated in a narrow box on the train, obviously uncomfortable and horrified. The problem is solved and everyone is happy.

Concept behind the story: To exaggerate and reveal the intensity of discrimination towards fat people in reality which in fact stems from social stereotyping and media influence that have no real reason or fact and which people follow blindly.

Dance of the Magic Shawl

One liner: The old wretch stumbles upon a magic shawl that turns her into a young, beautiful and rich lady but eventually her vanity leads her to her death.

Story: The old wretch grabs the shawl from a lady’s shoulder and scrambles away. Upon safety, she laughs and giggles at her prize. The old wretch puts on the shawl excitedly while smiling smugly at her reflection in the pond. However, she starts to morph and the next thing she knows she sees a reflection of herself as an incredibly beautiful, young and rich lady! She is surprised, yet excited at this new view of herself, staring at her own reflection in narcissism and glee, she drops her gold necklace into the pond and she scurries to recover it, only to fall into the pond herself. The shawl floats away from the old wretch and rise to the surface, turning the old wretch back to her original state and the gold necklace disappears. The old wretch is caught in the pond’s vegetation and dies.

What the story intends to say: Vanity leads to nothing but decadence. The old wretch’s vanity caused her tragic death.

The Earth is Round But We Are Not

One liner: A being is born upon the earth (or dropped by an alien spacecraft) and he grows and grows, eating up everything in his path.

The Story: A being is born upon the earth and at first he is small and curious. He discovers the earth, zooming about and diving in and out. He feeds off the earth’s vegetation and he grows and grows. Soon he has devoured all the land and he submerges himself in the waters, still devouring sea life and growing until he is trapped within the confinements of the Earth. He struggles to get out, trying to break the confinements but alas he has run out of resources and he shrivels and die. His flesh falls apart and becomes the land. The earth is reborn again.

What the story intends to say: The great population of people that has increased throughout the hundreds of years causes great strain on the resources of the earth and eventually we shall consume ourselves to death, and that is when our bodies will feed the land and a new earth is born.

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

One liner: A montage of a woman screaming “I shall not be denied” with images of the discarding of things that have been associated with femininity, to alas release women to freedom.

Imagery: A close up of a woman’s face. She prepares herself, then starts screaming aggressive, but with no voice. Only a soundtrack is heard. As she screams “I shall not be denied”, the shot is montaged with another shot of women removing their heels and discarding them into great piles. Then the women remove their dresses and discard them too. Next, babies are also discarded in to piles. Finally at the climax of her scream, a nude woman is shown cutting out her womb, digging it out and discarding it. When it is discarded, the whole world turns silent at once. The nude woman stands upright, a hole visible where her womb used to be. She breathes heavily, tired from her struggle. Finally she speaks and says, “I shall not be denied.” And she is heard.

What the story intends to say: The inequality towards women is very much prominent in two areas, firstly appearance, and secondly, a woman’s role as a mother as a result of reproduction and ultimately the function that her womb serves. Therefore, when all these are discarded, including the gruesome extraction of the womb, can the woman finally be seen and heard for what she really is. That is what gender equality should be.

Beg To Be Fab

One liner: A beggar sneaks her way into a fashion runway and turns beggar wear into the next big thing.

The story: Beautiful runway models strut the stage in the fashion show tent, displaying pieces of expensive clothing. Contrasted to this, in a nearby dumpster, a skinny, shriveled beggar in tattered clothes search for food. Suddenly, she sees plates piled full of food floating by and entering the fashion show tent. She sneaks her way in and ends up backstage, poking her way through piles of jewellery, clothes and shoes but food was nowhere to be found! She finds a drawn curtain and peeks through it when she’s shoved out by one of the stage managers. The crowd, previously getting a little bored at the show, suddenly turns silent at her presence. The beggar walks down the runway, engrossed in her search for the buffet table, when she reaches the end, she spots it and smiles widely. The crowd roars and applauds! She pushes her way through the crowd and grab handfuls of tart, shoving them down her throat. The designer rushes out of the curtains screaming and guards pick the beggar up and escorted her away, whilst the crowd continued clapping. The next day, the beggar is back on the streets with her tattered attire, but this time, everybody is wearing that too.

And that’s that! I’m working up some Al Hirchfeld drawings at the moment. Hopefully it’ll turn up well and hopefully my newfound try-and-be-as-positive-as-possible resolve this week will help me get moving on this.

Tried doing a study for my fyp idea:

And so I received instructions to practice drawing everyday and to get my hand anatomy correct.

Got down to designing my logo in preparation for the Monday preproduction class. Well I…….

I don’t want to die yah.

It’s looking a little Ipod-ish (i didn’t plan that it to be) but they’re really just elements that I associate myself with, firstly it’s the obvious penguin shaped silhouette, which is there because I love penguins and then it’s the green coloured “J” in the middle, which is associated with my name. It was actually my first try with Adobe Illustrator. I’ve come to realize that vectors are rather beautiful things….

I keep coming back to this song, even when I’m walking home after a 1030pm class.

I think Mary J Blige is awesome, and her Live From Abbey Road performance of Come To Me (Peace) tops it.

In lieu of the purchase and heavy investment on the Presonus Audiobox USB and the Audio Technica AT-2020, the awesome Tingxi Jemima did an impromptu collaboration with me on Don Henley’s Heart of the Matter. (India Arie’s cover of it was crazy awesome too)

It’s not perfect. Actually I screwed up many many times and finally gave up at the end….but it was fun!

Click here to listen! (please right-click and open in a new tab)

(Sorry for the inconvenient link, wordpress is being an ass and not allowing my podcast player to appear on the blog…)


This is the exciting beginning to my art and music blog! And to celebrate the BEGINNING, here are some stuff from 4 crazy years ago!

These were mainly from the A’ levels’ final drawing paper, in which the original, would have probably at this point been destroyed by fire at cambridge. It’s extremely saddening, because I really liked these drawings. Sometimes I think that i drew better then. But well, I did these using a photograph and lightbox, not exactly fair.

Art or Music?